Ceramic and Tile

FM Cleaning offers the most effective cleaning methods for your home or business' tiled floors.

Our trained technicians know how to do what over-the-counter cleaning agents cannot.

FM Cleaning Services uses the most current technology when cleaning your floor. We do this by attending monthly seminars that update us on what the industry is doing. We have a commitment to ongoing training, whether sending our technicians out for industry training or doing in-house training.

Overtime, dirt and spills, oils and dust can accumulate within the tile and grout lines; especially if your tile is comprised of a porous stone. Discoloration can settle in causing regular mopping and sweeping to become ineffective.

Many times, home and business owners will call us after their cleaning efforts no longer do the trick. Over-the-counter cleaning agents sold at the big-box stores may be inexpensive, but simply do not work.

In order to properly clean your tile and grout, you need to use a professional cleaning company like FM Cleaning. Whether on the floor or on the walls, we can clean it! Through a combination of experience, the proper equipment, tools and cleaning detergents, your tile and grout can be restored, but it may be wise to trust a professional to assist in your cleaning efforts.

FM Cleaning uses a truck mounted high pressure/high heat rotary systems to clean your floor. Everything is self-contained so there is no mess during the cleaning process. Everything goes out to our holding tank in the truck. Try it, you won't believe the difference.

We promise you a clean tile and grout floor with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

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